Firsly, it shows the NFL weekly game schedule, and it allows you to pick all 256 games of NFL regular season, and will generate the post-season seeds based on your picks.

Once you have decided your games, you can post it to Reddit or broadcast it to the world via link sharing.

We try to follow the NFL Tiebreaking Procedures as best we can. We do not do point-based rankings, and as such fall from Strength of Schedule directly to coin toss.

I'm the developer that updated the tool that was initially written by Clinton Morell, which served the schedule picking community well for many years.

The goal of the rebuild was to update the code into something that could be more easily maintained, updated, and improved over time. There were some performance and UI changes that I wanted to make to the original tool that made it difficult to maintain.

This project is a spiritual successor to the Clinton Morell tool, but is not maintained by him. It also takes several ideas from /u/chibears85's fork (with his permission).

  1. TypeScript - an ES6 -> ES5 transpiler
  2. KnockoutJS - Data Binding/interactivity
  3. jQuery
  4. Bootstrap - UI controls, responsive layout
  5. HTML5 localStorage - local persistence
  6. LZString - A string compression algorithm that uses LZW (compresses 256 characters down to < 50)

Great! The fastest way to reach me is by sending a message to /u/smdaegan. Or, if you insist, you can email me.

I wanted to buy a proper domain and hosting for this project, since GitHub hosting has limitations. I have a roadmap of development planned, and ads provide a minute amount of income to assist with continuing support costs.